Scott Cline

Teachers - Middle School - Foundations

403-347-8911 Ext 109
3310-55 Avenue Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, T4N 4N1
About Me

Raised in Red Deer, I went to Central Middle School and then Lindsay Thurber. I have five amazing children that keep me on my toes and a really supportive wife! 

I First attended The University of Montana for their amazing Special Education program and athletics. I eventually completed my after degree in education at The University of Alberta. I have taught at all levels in the area of special education. Very fortunate to receive Edwin Parr Award in 1992 and a Semi-Finalist forTeacher Excellence 2014.  I am a Teacher mentor and classroom chef of fun, learning and nurturing maturity. I love teaching the Foundations program because I truly believe in life long learning, that all students can be successful, and that learning can be fun.

The link to the Council for Inclusive Education.  

The link to my Google Classroom site:Click Me Here!

I have been involved in the Ultimate Science Trip to Florida for the past 12 years or so as coordinator or teacher chaperone. This is a role that I am truly committed to as this trip offers opportunity for fun, learning and travel to all students in grade 8 without prerequisites of a language, instrument or a technical based class.